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Asthma is a chronic, inflammatory respiratory disease characterised by recurrent breathing problems. People with asthma suffer an asthma attack when the airways in the lungs constrict ...

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Buteyko UK trial funded by National Asthma Campaign (now Asthma UK)

Lifesource taught Buteyko breathing exercises in the first UK clinical trial to investigate the efficacy of Buteyko and yogic pranayama breathing as asthma treatments. Science in its ideal form would remain open to reality, no matter what it would prefer that reality to be. However, the researchers, led by Professor Anne Tattersfield ...

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Comprehensive asthma treatment Q&A forum for help, support and information about Buteyko, asthma, allergy, emphysema, bronchitis and other breathing problems.

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Buteyko home study course for asthma, allergy, emphysema and bronchitis

Asthma sufferers can now give up bad health for good with a revolutionary asthma treatment programme, incorporating Buteyko breathing exercises. The Breathology interactive home study course contains over two and a half hours of one-to-one tuition on asthma management and natural asthma prevention, contained on two CD-Roms.

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The Buteyko breathing asthma cure - clinically proven asthma help

Buteyko asthma treatment programme

The definitive self-help study course for healing asthma, allergies, hayfever, panic attacks, bronchitis, emphysema, blocked nose, snoring, sinusitis, rhinitis, and any breathing difficulty. Free online support by qualified Buteyko teacher.

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Asthma whitewash covers up Buteyko success

Asthma help from allopathic asthma specialists is confined to advice on avoiding asthma triggers that may cause a severe asthma attack and treating asthma from the outside in. Mainstream medicine attempts to control asthma by medicating asthma symptoms away whilst ignoring the scientific research reported in prestigious medical journals that concluded decades ago that:

  • Most asthma attacks are associated with hyperventilation [over breathing]. (Source: The New England Journal of Medicine, May 1968)
  • No asthma attack could be produced if the excess loss of carbon dioxide from the body [during hyperventilation] was prevented. (Source: The Lancet, 1946)

This scientific truth explains the staggering success of Buteyko and why asthma and other symptoms just disappear. Buteyko breathing works as an asthma prevention or asthma cure. Gradually extending breath-holding exercises increases carbon dioxide levels in the blood so you can't get asthma or, if you're already having an asthma attack, the build-up of carbon dioxide from breathing Buteyko acts as nature's own bronchodilator, rapidly clearing asthma constricted airways. Click here to do the Buteyko Breathing Test.

Asthma is the body's natural defence against the loss of carbon dioxide. Asthma attacks restrict breathing to stop carbon dioxide levels from falling further because, when carbon dioxide levels drop too low, the body and brain become oxygen starved. An asthma attack, however serious and dangerous it may appear, is not representative of the body's intention to imperil life - it is in fact nature's way of preserving it! Interestingly, asthma fatalities were uncommon until the 1950's, when it became fashionable to use modern drugs to treat asthma.

Unlike Buteyko exercises, beta-agonist asthma inhalers (relievers) inhibit or oppose your body's natural defences. Your body defends itself from losing its vital supply of carbon dioxide by constricting your airways, producing excess mucus and causing the inside of the airways to swell and become inflamed. Beta-agonists open these airways up again - exposing more of your lungs to inhaled allergens and increasing the risk of asthma problems. Click here to learn more about what asthma drugs do.

Asthma drugs help you to breathe more in the moment but because you breathe more you lose more carbon dioxide. Your body, which is now under attack, gets more serious about its defences. It secretes even more mucus contributing to the formation of mucus plugs, which not only makes your asthma worse but is also a feature of fatal asthma. No worries. If your asthma worsens your doctor declares all out war! They prescribe even stronger drugs... and so on. It's little wonder that the world is now in the grip of an asthma epidemic!  

Lifesource is committed to telling the truth about asthma so that all asthma sufferers can make informed choices about the asthma treatment they receive. 

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